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About DECOBIKE Long Beach

DECOBIKE, LLC is a firm dedicated to providing and operating world-class public bike sharing programs to forward-thinking cities and campuses in the US and abroad. DECOBIKE stations and bicycles offer easy-to-use, environmentally conscious transportation accessible throughout the City. DECOBIKE has helped eliminate the need for cars and taxis in city. A new green and fit lifestyle has captivated the community. 

DECOBIKE debuted their revolutionary city-wide public bicycle sharing and rental program in Miami Beach and the world-famous South Beach Art Deco district in early 2011 as the country's most comprehensive “green” public transit program. With several years of organizing and planning in place, DECOBIKE led the way for bike sharing in the US as a daily and viable public transit option. Based on the massive success and extremely high usage of the program, DECOBIKE won the prestigious US Conference of Mayors City Livability Award. DECOBIKE now brings their amazing bike sharing concept to the streets of Long Beach.

"This isn't just an amenity as some may think. It's a full-scale, multimillion dollar, city-wide transit system. It's a green commuter program that gets you from point to point, replacing short trips normally made by car. It's fast, fun, easy and affordable. No hassles of maintenance, storage or theft for DECOBIKE members," says Miami Beach City Commissioner Michael Gongora. (Liam- Insert a local elected official’s quote n here, but also may be good to leave in a quote from south beach since its our spotlight program?? Everyone in NY loves Miami Beach)

Based on public bike sharing trends globally, all DECOBIKE programs are expected to expand rapidly to satisfy the growing demand for a cleaner, healthier way for local commuters and visitors to enjoy the city in all of its glory. All you need is a membership or credit card to access and enjoy the benefits of the program.

DECOBIKE is a strong community partner and in involved in many charitable causes and organizations. Understanding there is a need for improved safety and bicycle infrastructure, DECOBIKE has taken the initiative to add dedicated bicycle lanes throughout the City of Long Beach for all residents and visitors to enjoy. DECOBIKE is very active with cycling safety education and community causes, ranging from group rides to fundraisers to summer camps for local youths.

DECOBIKE Long Beach also offers a variety of sponsor assets to responsible corporations interested in making a difference and being a part of the "Green" movement. Corporate sponsorships, outdoor advertising opportunities, mobile apps, concerts and events are available as a part of the DECOBIKE program to gain unparalleled exposure and goodwill for your business or organization.

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