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What is the price of a monthly DECOBIKE bikePASS Membership Subscription?

$15 per month (unlimited 30-minutes rides) or Deluxe Membership $25 per month (unlimited 60-minute rides)

Are DECOBIKES always available at every DECOSTATION?

Typically, yes. However, although there is a great supply of DECOBIKE, occasional fluctuations in user demand patterns may cause a particular DECOSTATION to either be empty or full. If you are trying to return a DECOBIKE and a station is full, please go to the nearest station with vacant docking points/parking spots and (a map of all DECOSTATION locations is on the kiosk; the DECOBIKE website and iPhone Application as well as the CityBikes Android application show locations and inventory). Do NOT leave the DECOBIKE unsecured.

Do I need to go to a specific DECOSTATION to check out a bike?

No. You can check a DECOBIKE out from ANY station in the city.

Do I need to return my DECOBIKE to the same station I check it out from?

No. You can return your DECOBIKE to ANY station with empty docking points/parking spots.

How long can I use a DECOBIKE for?

You can use DECOBIKE for the time period you purchased or subscribed for without any additional charges. If you keep the bike checked out longer than your purchased time frame, additional fees will be applied to your account/transaction. See Pricing page or User Agreement for full details.

How many DECOBIKES can I check out with a single credit card (non-subscription members)?

Currently, only two (4) DECOBIKES are allowed to be checked out per credit or debit card at a given time.

Can I transfer or loan the DECOBIKE and/or a Membership card to a friend or any other person?

No. You are not permitted under any circumstances to transfer or loan a DECOBIKE Membership. Only the authorized and named subscriber can use the DECOBIKE or the Membership card.

How old do you have to be to use DECOBIKE?

DECOBIKE is only for users 18 years of age and older. Long Beach Police are authorized to stop and ask for proof of age from any individual on or in possession of a DECOBIKE who clearly appears to be under 18 years of age. If violator is found to be under the age of 18, he/she must immediately return the bike to a DECOSTATION under Police supervision and an official Police Report Shall be filed in the public record. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I want to buy DECOBIKE apparel and merchandise, where can I get it?

Be a part of the newest and coolest GREEN & HEALTHY trend in our cutting-edge community. You can check out and purchase our high quality, custom DECOBIKE apparel (hats, shirts, tees, shorts) in person at our

Do I have to wear a helmet to use DECOBIKE?

Adult riders (ages 18+) are not required to wear a helmet, however, a properly fitted helmet will reduce your chances of severe head injury or death in the event of an accident. DECOBIKE strongly recommends the use of helmets at all times when riding any bicycle.

Helmets are available for purchase at the DECOSTORE as well as other retailers in the area.

I want to buy a helmet or a lock, where can I get one?

You may purchase helmets, locks and other related accessories at the DECOSTORE You can also purchase a helmet or accessories from other retailers to suit your taste or needs.

I have never ridden a bicycle before, should I rent a DECOBIKE?

No. DECOBIKE is for experienced and knowledgeable bicycle riders only, ages 18+. You must know how to operate a bicycle safely before using a DECOBIKE. DECOBIKE is not liable for a user's lack of experience or knowledge.

If the DECOBIKE is too big or too small for my height or body type, should I ride it anyway?

No. Do not attempt to use DECOBIKE unless you are comfortable and feel safe on the bike.

Does the DECOBIKE have brakes on it?

Yes. The DECOBIKE is equipped with a front-wheel and rear-wheel hand brakes (activated by pressing on a lever on the handlebars to stop the bike).

Is it safe to use DECOBIKE at nighttime or in the dark?

With proper safety precautions and awareness of your surroundings, bicycles can be safely operated at nighttime. You must exercise extreme caution when riding any bicycle in an urban setting at nighttime or in dark, low-visibility conditions. Most DECOBIKE are equipped with self-generating lights that power-up when you begin to ride. It is the rider's responsibility to make sure he/she only operates a bike at night with functional front and rear lighting. Rider can verify the functionality of the self-generating lights by walking and/or riding the bike within fifteen (15) feet of the station that the bike is checked out from. All DECOBIKE are equipped with safety reflectors.

What happens if I am injured while riding?

Since you are riding at your own risk, being careful is always the best rule to prevent injuries from occurring. In the event that you are injured for any reason while on riding any bicycle, you should dial 911 immediately to seek emergency assistance from Police and Fire Departments. DECOBIKE does not provide insurance of any kind. Failure to use due and proper care while operating a bicycle can result in injury or death.

Does DECOBIKE provide any type of insurance coverage or benefits to users of the program?

No. DECOBIKE expressly does not provide any type of insurance to the user of any kind. You cycle at your own risk, so please be informed of procedures and regulations for the safe operation of a bicycle.

What happens if I accidentally checkout a DECOBIKE that is damaged?

You are prohibited from using or operating a damaged DECOBIKES under any circumstances. You must return the damaged bike to a DECOSTATION immediately and report it as damaged at the kiosk which will notify DECOBIKES that the bike needs service. You can check out another bike without any additional charges by using your Bike Pass membership card or credit card after reporting and returning the damaged bike to the station.

What happens if I get a flat tire (or another major component stops working) while using a DECOBIKE?

You should return the bike to the closest DECOSTATION which has available docking points and lock it into place and then call the DECOBIKE hotline to report the bike as damaged (be sure to have the bike's four-digit ID#), then:

If you are a Member, you can then check out another bike from any station starting 15 minutes after returning and reporting the damaged bike.

If you are renting a DECOBIKE on an Hourly basis, you can checkout another bike by repeating the checkout & billing process at any DECOSTATION (another deposit would be held for its safe return). DECOBIKE may at its sole discretion provide a credit to the user.

Can I ride my DECOBIKE on the sidewalk?

Bikes are not allowed on the sidewalks. Please follow the arrows on the road and abide by all safety percautions when riding a bike.

Are DECOBIKES equipped with locks?

No. It is the user's responsibility to lock and secure the DECOBIKE at all times. The most secure way to ensure the safety of your DECOBIKE is to secure it into a DECOSTATION.

If you wish to temporarily lock up your DECOBIKE while it's checked out, locks can be obtained at the DECOSTORE

Can I use a DECOBIKE anywhere?

You can ride DECOBIKE everywhere inside the city limits of Long Beach . You are NOT permitted to leave the City of Long Beach on (or with) a DECOBIKE.

What happens if my DECOBIKE is stolen from me while cycling?

You should contact the Long Beach Police Department immediately to file a police and notify DECOBIKE of the incident. You are responsible for the replacement cost of the bike if lost or stolen as well as providing DECOBIKE with a copy of the police report within 7 days of the incident.

Can the Police stop me if I try to leave the City of Long Beach on a DECOBIKE?

Yes. Long Beach Police and surrounding police departments are all authorized to stop and detain anyone trying to leave Long Beach on or with a DECOBIKES. It is a Felony to steal or destroy a DECOBIKES, and is punishable by at least one year in jail and/or a severe financial fine and civil action.

IMPORTANT LEGAL & POLICE NOTICE: Long Beach Police and all other police departments in surrounding municipalities are authorized to stop and detain anyone trying to leave Long Beach on or with a DECOBIKES. Remember this is a Public Mode of Transportation - DECOBIKES is YOUR BIKE -- so please treat it with respect as you would your own property. It is a felony to steal or destroy a DECOBIKES and violators will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Please report any theft or vandalism to the Long Beach Police by dialing 911 or to the 24-Hour DECOBIKES Hotline at (305) 532.9494.

Will my employer pay for my DECOBIKE subscription if I ride it to work?

YES! Thanks to a new Federal Tax incentive, your employer can enjoy full reimbursement for the cost of your DECOBIKES Corporate Membership Subscription (the "BikePass"). This is at NO NET COST to you or your employer! It just makes sense.

Contact a DECOBIKES today for more info at:

Does the Federal Government provide financial incentives to Employers for riding a bicycle to work?

YES! Federal tax incentives can cover 100% of the cost of a DECOBIKE Subscription Membership.


DECOBIKES is a self-service, automated bicycle sharing and rental program implemented by the City of Long Beach and operated by DECOBIKES, LLC. It is a citywide program and operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What are the Operating Hours for the DECOBIKE Program?

The program is scheduled to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is however at the discretion of the DECOBIKES operators and/or the City of Long Beach to temporarily suspend some or all services should any unsafe conditions or security issues arise.

I think my community or university should have a DECOBIKE program, where can I get more info?

Send us a request via email:

Where do the revenues generated by the DECOBIKE Long Beach program go?

Revenues are used to offset and recover extensive capital costs and operation costs, by the City of Long Beach and DECOBIKES, LLC, which share revenues generated by the program.

Who takes care of the DECOBIKES and DECOSTATIONS?

DECOBIKES, LLC is the entity charged with operating the DECOBIKES program, on behalf of the City of Long Beach.

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