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DecoBike Safe Driving & Cycling Tips

Before you ride any bike on public streets, you should be experienced and familiar with the safe operation of a bicycle under similar conditions. Bicyclists have rights and responsibilities on the road just like an automobile. Be sure to educate yourself before getting on any bicycle and hitting the streets.

All DECOBIKE riders are encouraged to wear a properly fitted helmet to reduce the risk of severe head injury or death in the event of an accident.

DECOBIKE does not provide helmets at rental stations. Helmets are available at the DECOSTORE during limited business hours. You may also use your own helmet or purchase one from any retailer.

Be sure to obey all traffic control devices including traffic lights, stop signs, stoplights or any other street sign. If you are riding in the streets and sharing the public roads you MUST also stop at red lights and stop signs just like an automobile must do. Failure to obey streets signs or other traffic control devices may result in serious injury or death.

Always STOP and check for vehicles and pedestrians BEFORE crossing or entering any intersection, sidewalk or crosswalk. Bicycles must yield to pedestrians and pedestrians always have the right of way. In areas where dedicated bike lanes do not exist, automobiles and bicycles may share the road under New York law, but doing so may present a risk of accidents, serious injuries or death. All bicycle riders must operate with a heightened sense of awareness and caution when sharing the street with automobiles as even a low-speed impact can cause severe injury or death.

Never leave your DECOBIKE unattended or unlocked. Theft can be an issue if you do so. Either dock the DECOBIKE back into a DECOSTATION or utilize an appropriate bicycle lock to properly secure the bike.

There are a variety of regulations pertaining to the operation of a bicycle in public streets; you MUST familiarize yourself with them BEFORE using DECOBIKE or any other bicycle. Be sure to check out these links that feature useful safety tips & videos, plus rules and regulations to help make every journey safer and more enjoyable:

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